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Company Details

BLINK PLUS, spletna prodaja d.o.o.
Cilenškova ulica 2
1000 Ljubljana
Matična številka: 8744742000
Davčna številka: 42579414

Telefon: +386 68-938-968

Email: info@medyko.com

The buyer is committed to general terms, valid at the moment of their purchase (online order).

Personal data protection

More on personal data protection you can find here(Personal data protection policy).

User types

By registering at www.Medyko.com/customer/account/login/ you become a member of Medyko. No matter if you’re a registered user or a guest (order without registration), you have the right to order at Medyko.com

Registering into our online shop means you get a unique user name (your email address) and your password. If you wish to change your email address or password, you can do that anytime in My account section of the page.

Information access

Medyko is committed to always ensure the buyer these information:

a) company identity (company name and address, ID and VAT ID),
b) contact data to assure user fast and efficient communication (email, phone),
c) crucial goods or service features (after-sales services and warranties included),
d) product availability (each product, offered on website, should be available within a reasonable due date),
e) terms of delivery (mean, place and date),
f) all the prices need to be clear and unambiguously set to show whether they include tax and shipping costs,
g) delivery and payment method,
h) time validity of the offer,
i) deadline, in which it is still possible to withdraw form the contract and terms of withdrawal, also the costs of returns,
j) clarification of the process if a complaint occurs, with contact data or customer service contact included.
Product and price offer

Due to the nature of business online, the offers and prices in online shop Medyko will be arranged and changed often. Price in online shop Medyko is the same for registered users and for guests. All prices include VAT. Prices are valid from the moment of placing order and do not have a set validity in advance.

Order and prices

The contract between Medyko and the buyer is valid from the moment when Medyko sends you the confirmation email for your order. From that moment, all the prices and other terms are fixed and valid for Medyko and the buyer.

The contract (the first order status email) is saved in electronic form on Medyko server and available to the buyers upon their written request.

Delivery date

All orders placed before 1 pm. will be sent out the same day.

Payment method

Medyko online shop enables you the following payment methods:

COD upon delivery,


Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA, VISA Electron, BA Maestro) via Braintree app – 247 Tottenham Court Road, London, UK W1T 7QX

Shipping and handling costs are FREE for all order over 35 €, in other cases they cost 4 €.

Attention: shipping and handling terms are only valid within EU


Medyko will send you the receipt in PDF format to the email you have provided in your buyer info upon your payment. On the receipt, you will see the full price as well as the costs of your order. The buyer is bound to check the validity of their data prior to completing the order.

Discount codes

Discount or Promotional code enables you different discounts with your online Medyko orders. You can find the active code in your email or in your previous Medyko package. The code unlocks discounts or free shipping. Every code has an expiration date, after that it becomes invalid.

Discount code usage:

Choose your desired product / package and add them to cart.
In the Checkout of your order, enter the code into the “discount code” field and click “apply”.
It is only possible to enter 1 discount code per purchase.
When you enter and apply your code, the total of your order will automatically reset to the new value. The rest is the remaining amount you will pay for.
Purchase process

Choosing your product: on Medyko.com/shop Page, choose your item and click “Add to cart”. The system will notify you, whether the product has been added to cart successfully. In case you wish to continue with your shopping, click left on “Continue shopping” and return to the shop page. In case you wish to proceed with your order, click right on “Finish order” and the system will bring you to the Checkout.
Removal of product from your shopping cart: On Medyko.com website there is a cart icon in the upper right corner, where you can see your products in cart (upon icon click). In case you wish to remove a certain product from your cart, click on the cart icon, and on “X” to remove it. In case a user wants to add more products to cart, they need to click on the link “Continue shopping”. With the click on the aforementioned link, they will return to the shop page.
III. Shopping cart: To complete your order, you need to fill out the obligatory fields.

Delivery Address: You need to provide the required data, marked with red star (first and last name, email address, home address, postal code and phone number), which we will need to confirm and complete your order, and to ship you your products.
The form enables you to create user account and your data can remain saved for your future orders.

Shipping cost: GLS 4.5€
Payment method: COD, Paypal, or Credit Card.
Coupons and Gift cards: when a user has a valid discount coupon or a gift card, they can enter it in the appropriate field and click the “apply” button.
Order overview: here you can see the products you have added to cart. Product price, shipping cost, VAT value and total cost for your payment are visible in your shopping cart even before the order is completed.
Order completion: The user is enabled to review provided data on shipping, selected payment method and shopping cart content. The user confirms the order with a click on the button “Complete order”. In case the order has been successful, the following text will appear on website “Your order has been successful. Thank you for your purchase! Your order number is: xxxx.”
Order informing process

After your order has been completed, you will receive a notification to your email inbox that your order has been confirmed. Medyko members can always review order status and order content on our website.

Medyko is entitled of calling the buyer due to reviewing contact data or to confirming shipping.

Order procedure is entirely the same for companies as it is for individuals, only the company is able to enter the company name and VAT ID. Payment methods are equal as well.

The buyer’s right to withdraw from the contract

Returns: You have the right to return your goods within 30 days from your online purchase with no-questions-asked. The products are returned by the buyer in 14 days from their application of contract cancellation with no fees. The buyer needs to inform the seller about intended return in the written form at info@medyko.com.

The goods returned need to be undamaged, packaged in its original box, in unchanged quantity and with no traces of usage. Obligatory addition to your return are the buyer data (first and last name, full address, email, phone number, order number and billing info). Your purchase amount will be returned by the seller within 14 days from receiving your goods. Shipping costs of the returned goods will be covered by the buyer. The seller will not accept returned shipments with COD.

Complaints against the goods, damaged due to logistics, will be addressed if applied within 7 days from the arrival to the buyer. Later withdrawals will not be considered valid by the seller. If the package shows signs of injuries upon arrival, the buyer has the right to decline the package and demand the return slip from the postal (GLS) employee.

Clerical error liability

The seller is responsible for any clerical errors of the product. The seller also takes responsibility for those clerical errors that appear afterwards in case the error existed before that. Minor clerical errors will not be addressed.


Medyko uses appropriate technological and organizational assets to protect personal data and payment transfer and storage.

Safe authorizations and credit card transactions are enabled by the seller Medyko and Braintree. Credit card authorization is being processed in real time with immediate data verification in the bank. Credit card data is not stored on Medyko server.


Medyko will connect with the users over communication tools only if the user agrees to this. Advertising messages will contain the following:

clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisement,

the sender will be clearly known,

special deals, promotions and discounts will be marked as such.

Terms of participation will also be clearly stated inside.

de-registration method from advertising messages will be clearly stated,

Medyko will explicitly respect any de-registration requests.

Reviews, opinions and recommendations

Reviews, opinions and recommendations given by buyers are a part of shop functionality, aimed at the entire user community.

Medyko enables every user to give their opinions, opinions will be verified before being published. Medyko brand will refrain from publishing harmful reviews and opinions that are rude, inappropriate or according to Medyko without added value to the others in community.

By leaving a review or comment, the user explicitly agrees with the Terms of usage of their reviews or comments and gives permission to Medyko to publish their part or full text in any electronic or other media. Medyko has the right to use the content of opinion or review for any purpose (advertising and marketing) and for unlimited time. Review author states and assures that they are the owner of material and moral intellectual rights in the reviews and comments given, and gives the right non-exclusively and unlimited by time to Medyko.

Legal notice

Medyko online shop and its data, product images, graphic and video elements are protected and are not a subject of reproduction or usage without prior written agreement.

Liability limitation

Medyko will make their best attempt to assure accuracy and regularity of data, published and used on its website. In spite this, the product features, shipping dates and prices can sometimes change quickly and Medyko is not able to update all the website data in real time. In this case, Medyko will inform the buyer on the changes and enable them contract withdrawal or an exchange or the products ordered.

Exclusion of liability

We reserve the right to disable our website or disable its access due to technical or other problems or maintenance, which also means disability or difficulty to access the site. In case of technical problems on website we reserve the right to cancel the orders, affected by technical issues. In case of order cancellation you will be notified as soon as possible and informed about your next steps. You need to assure yourself the appropriate tool protection (anti-virus etc.) before accessing the website. The buyer should assure appropriate data security and confidentiality when accessing their account on website (email, password)

Complaints and disputes

Medyko respects the valid European legislation on consumer protection. Medyko will try their best to deliver their duty of implementing an efficient system for complaints and enable the buyer a direct contact of the person, liable for such issues.

Complaints can be sent to info@Medyko.com. Complaint process is confidential. Medyko will confirm the complaint reception within 5 days, and state the procedure length and steps.

Medyko is aware of the main complain feature, according to legal solutions, which is the disproportion between economic value of inquiry and costs applied to resolving the complaint. This is the main barrier for the consumer not to proceed with legal dispute. This is why Medyko endeavors to resolve any possible complaints in a friendly manner.

In case of legal dispute settlement, the court with jurisdiction is by residence of the consumer.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In line with legal norms, we will not recognize any out-of-court complaint procedures as juristic fro complaint resolutions that the consumer might trigger according to the Law for out-of-court settlement of disputes. Medyko, as supplier of goods and services enables online shop in Europe, and publishes electronic connection to the platform for online settlement of consumer disputes.

The above regime results from the Law on Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, Regulation num. 524/2013 European parliament and the Council of online settlement of consumer disputes and the change of Regulation (ES) num. 2016/2004 and the Council 2009/22/ES.

Slovenian Fund for Entrepreneurship

Website Medyko.com is partially funded by the Slovene Government – Fund for Entrepreneurship.


All information on Medyko online shop (www.medyko.com) are only informative and not aimed as an alternative to doctor, medical advice or medical staff, and not intended as a compensaiton for approriate medical help, as they aren’t recognised from the part of health authorities.

Products and statements about individual products in this shop, have not been reviewed from the part of National institutions and are not aimed to heal or prevent diseases. Texts parts of individual products are only informative and have not been certified from the part of European Institute for food safety (EFSA).

In case of taking any other medication or food supplements, talk to your doctor about combining them with our products.